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Applications and Websites contain a stack of technologies that are used in their development. We investigate, test & research the vulnerabilities that exist in these technology stacks and help correct, and mitigate their risk.

There are many applications hosted on the internet, some are custom, but the majority of the ones we work with tend to originate from the open source community. The benefits of using open source technology is evident in its massive crowd adoption. With its rapid adoption, prudent education and handling of these technologies is necessary to offer secure and stable solutions. Our experience has taught us that the majority operate insecure practices when utilizing the majority of open source software.


Professional Education & Hands-on Experience

Matt Potter – Trainer & Lecturer Cyber Security

Matt started working with server systems right our of high school (2005). Having developed his own infrastructure inside a data center, Matt learned quickly the importance of security, and provision stable systems. After 3 years of managing physical infrastructure, he quickly adopted the virtualization path. After 5 years of R&D Matt deployed the Swift Grid, and has become an expert in investigating, managing and auditing third party systems.

Matt leads the assessment & audit division for Forensic Five (f5), and has a wealth of experience in addressing exploits & vulnerabilities.

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Why Forensic Five (f5)

Forensic Five was built on the foundation of trust and transparency, delivering excellence through an educative approach that works directly with organizations. Working with auditors, lawyers and business leaders we will continue to pave the way for a digitally secure Canada.