Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking.

We design and create penetration tests based on the application in review. Much of what creates vulnerabilities in applications and websites is the “stack” of which it is built on and the infrastructure that hosts it. This forces us to design specially formulated application audits based on the “stack” and its infrastructure.

It is common that sometimes the application is secure, but the infrastructure that hosts the application is not. It is also common that applications remain secure for a limited time, failure to update and continually monitor applications will result in it being hacked. As hacking continues to evolve it is important to ensure your applications are up to date and are secure, we rely on our experience and our partners to provide a complete and detailed pen test for our clients.


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Matt Potter - Cyber Security Analyst

Matt Potter is a cyber security expert with strong background as a systems analyst, administrator & trainer. He currently leads and manages the forensic and cyber security division of F5. Documentation, transparency and education are key values to his team, his goal is to bring our clients to a new level of understanding that helps build a secure digital network of prepared companies.

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Forensic Five was built on the foundation of trust and transparency, delivering excellence through an educative approach that works directly with organizations. Working with auditors, lawyers and business leaders we will continue to pave the way for a digitally secure Canada.