Steps to Recovery

Don’t panic. We are here to do the best we can in assessing the situation and recovering your data

Disaster Procedure

The Most important task is to identify the Intruder and resolve how the disaster occurred. Replacing a backup without full knowledge may repeat itself and possible endanger your backups

Locate backups of your system and prep them for recovery.

Best solutions do not require backups, but the worst problems involve not having backups. We will attempt to recover the data in the same way it was before the attack

In worst case scenarios, make sure you have the right team prepared for dealing with the fallout of a disaster.

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Matt Potter - Cyber Security Analyst

Matt Potter is a cyber security expert with strong background as a systems analyst, administrator & trainer. He currently leads and manages the forensic and cyber security division of F5. Documentation, transparency and education are key values to his team, his goal is to bring our clients to a new level of understanding that helps build a secure digital network of prepared companies.

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